Connor McDavid continues NHL ascent to stardom

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As one of the most impressive players in the National Hockey League (NHL) at the moment, Connor McDavid is seeing a fan club form that gets bigger with every passing day. As one of the most consistent players in the league at the moment, McDavid has made huge jumps forward in terms of his play style and his natural performance. In 20 games to start the season, McDavid has been involved in 37 goals in total – 12 goals of his own, and a whopping 25 assists on top of that. This puts him at the top of the league for scoring and assisting at the time of writing.

It’s an incredible step forward for a player who has long been seen as a high potential player. Few, though, might have expected to start performing to such a ridiculous level quite so quickly this year. Already, he’s got a seven-point lead on the number two for scoring contribution in Leon Draisaitl and Mitch Marner. They both have 30 points contributed to their team, leaving McDavid quite comfortably at the top of scoring and assist rates.

However, it’s not just the basic numbers – it’s the rate of his performance that is so impressive. Indeed, this year he has taken his goals/60 rate to an all-new level. In the past, his career-high was 1.46/60; today, he is contributing a whopping 1.61 per 60. That is one of the best rates in the league, and one of the best per 60 rates we have seen in the NHL for some time.

On top of that, he’s seen his assist rate move from 2.7 total assists per 60 to an even more impressive 3.36 assists per 60. This is a decisive, clutch player who is making a regular habit of turning up.

Can Connor McDavid get even better?

The scary thing is that this might not even be McDavid at the peak of his powers. Despite posting career numbers for just about every metric that matters, including a whopping xGF% of 62.5, there is no reason to believe that McDavid is one growing. He’s beginning to move into a position where you could legitimately say he is the best player in the NHL this season – but some believe he might even be on the pathway to becoming an all-time great of the league itself.

The thing that makes McDavid’s seasonal stats so impressive is that, with some pretty smart adjustment of the numbers and eras, McDavid is currently enjoying the ninth best season of all-time. Indeed, in the eight seasons above him, four are owned by Wayne Gretzky, with the others owned by Frank Boucher, Mario Lemieux, and Howie Morenz – all undisputed legends of the ice.

So, for McDavid, he is currently hitting numbers at the kind of rates that the best used to. Does that mean that he might do this again? We aren’t sure – but for now, even if he only does it once, McDavid is hitting massive numbers in a sport that really could use a new face of the league. Could that be him?

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