“I’m not sure if I would call VAR a good idea right now.” Klopp dissatisfied with the slowdown of the matches

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The last meeting of the Champions League group stage The Reds played in Denmark – already as a member of the Champions League playoffs, and FC Midtjylland lost all chances already and fought only for prestige (and the opportunity not to be among the worst teams in the group stage with 1 point).

The Merseysiders played a mixed squad: ‘an exceptional player’ as Klopp said after the match, Mohamed Salah, who scored in 55 seconds and became the club’s record Champions League goalscorer, and his companions, included Trent, Jota, newcomer 19-years old Leighton Clarkson, Rhys Williams and in addition Divock Origi and Minamino in reserve.

In the second half, Liverpool was playing at ease and could even lose.

It started when the Danes asked for a penalty: Anders Dreyer caught on Caoimhin Kelleher, the goalie, and fell into the penalty area of ​​Liverpool, and the defenders threw the ball out. Linesman at the end of the episode raised the flag, signalling an offside position – and VAR began to study the episode. As a result, everything dragged on for a couple of minutes – they called in the chief referee, François Letexier. It turned out that there was no offside position.

However, Kelleher’s foul happened with no doubts. Therefore, making the right decision took three minutes of playing time.

Second VAR episode also took about three minutes – on 76th-minute second goal from the Danes was cancelled because offside.

Yet, the ball was kicked from the offside it took three minutes again to check it.

The most arguable moment, in Klopp’s opinion, was at the end of the match, on 89th minute. Minamino scored after he got the ball from Sadio Mane, and it looked like a clear goal, but lineman raised the flag.

Based on the recordings available of the incident I cannot understand how VAR was able to make out which of the players, if any, touched the ball with their hand.

As a result – another goal disallowed.

As a result, as many as 8 minutes were added to the match – and teams played 9. All this caused Jurgen Klopp’s angry tune after the game, who started to doubt VAR:

“We stop celebrating goals, we wait constantly, we have less than millimetre offside decisions. A lot of things are not like they were before, that’s the truth.”

“I said when the idea of VAR first came up I was in favour of it because I thought the right decisions would be nice if we could have rights decisions.”

“I’m not sure we all thought it through properly and how long will it take to get the right decision, how much will it take away from a game we all loved before.”

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