Jack Eichel has NHL fans on tenterhooks after cryptic social media posts

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The Buffalo Sabres were almost expected to lose Jack Eichel earlier on in the month. However, with no trade happened yet, there’s a small chance he might be sticking around – though his cryptic messaging is sending NHL fans around the bend. The training camp for the new NHL season is only a few weeks away now, and the best player on the trade market is being as cryptic as he can be in his own messaging to fans.

The Buffalo Sabres are a mess, to be blunt. They are not performing at anything like the level hoped, expected, or desired for the franchise. The player himself has struggled with neck injuries, and has gone toe-to-toe with the ownership for a second medical solution to his neck troubles. Eichel wants to play on a winning team, and the current and future trajectory of the Sabres looks pretty far away from making that a reality.

However, his recent tweets – including a single emoji showing total sadness – have had fans interested in what happens next. Clearly, this is a sporting talent who is keen to find a new home and start afresh in a new city. However, despite scoring around a point per game for his team, the 24-year-old Centre is yet to find a new team. This isn’t happening quick enough for the players liking, and it appears he has taken to social media to show his displeasure with the glacial pace of progress on his trade.

Can the Sabres turn things around in time?

Absolutely not – there is simply too much work to be done on the franchise to ensure they can do enough to keep Eichel. This is a quality talent who has stuck around long enough in a team that is, at best, treading water. There appears to be no long-term plan to fix the team and get them back on a winning footing – and Eichel is not really willing to stick around and wait it out.

Having played his part in performing on the ice, the rest of the team have failed to do so and thus has created some serious issues. The new season starts on the 14th October when they play the Montreal Canadiens, and it is highly unlikely that Eichel will still be part of the team by then.

However, the Sabres are not making any great progress on getting a trade they are happy with. This has left both player and fans unhappy, and the need to find a quick solution to this emerging issue is pressing. The team is in a Catch-22; lose Eichel and incur the wrath of the fans, or keep Eichel and probably further harm their reputation with both the player and the fans.

The time for change is now, and it looks like Eichel is sick of playing along waiting for things to change in his favour. Expect a move to occur before the trade deadline, but it might be a strained and drawn-out process until then.

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