Manchester United Gary Neville predicts “looming nightmare” in English football

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While many think about English football and only see the excess and wealth of the English Premier League, there is more to English football than the top flight. As a legend of the English game and of Manchester United, but also owner of Salford City, Gary Neville understands life at both ends of the English football pyramid. Recently, he spoke of a “looming nightmare” for many clubs outside of the top flight thanks to the COVID-19 outbreak.

The Huddersfield Town owner, Phil Hodgkinson, said that he thought as many as 50 to 60 clubs could face administration or liquidation if the problems continue. Neville, speaking on Sky Sports as part of their The Football Show program, disputed the number but agreed that problems were coming. He said: “It will be July, August, September, October where the real pressure comes.

“I do think there will be clubs considering going into administration in the next three to four months, basically just to save themselves.

“Everybody’s looking down at their own feet and they’re not seeing the carnage that’s coming economically in the next three to four months.

“I do think there is a looming nightmare economically for the EFL clubs, quite a few of them. Whether it’s up to 60 I’m not sure.”

These are strong, worrying words from someone who has been involved in the lower reaches of the English leagues for some time. What, though, will be done about it?

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