Thomas Tuchel laughs off Manchester United links

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Having been the Chelsea coach who won the UEFA Champions League, Thomas Tuchel is beloved by Blues fans. He has set about restoring a club that felt like it was treading water for several years before his arrival, returning them to being a genuine contender at home and abroad. Although a gluttony of injuries and issues with star striker Romelu Lukaku derailed a title challenge for the Blues, they are still in with a shout for the UEFA Champions League.

However, the recent issues with Chelsea ownership has seen Tuchel asked of his future. With the club in such turmoil, would he stick around after this season?

Tongues were set wagging when Tuchel said that he would stay until the end of the season, but was non-committal afterward. This led to some speculation that another job could come up. One name that was heavily mentioned as a keen candidate was Manchester United. The Red Devils were hoping they could capitalise on this uncertainty and agree a deal with the German. Given his pedigree, it would be a no-brainer for United to make the deal happen if it were in any way possible to achieve.

However, the German has given a passionate response to the discussion and the links with Old Trafford. In his typically blunt fashion, Tuchel was quick to shout down and laugh off any discussion of making a move from London to Manchester.

Believing that Chelsea is the ideal club for him – where he can focus primarily on coaching – United would be the total opposite. The club are wed to the idea of an all-powerful manager as opposed to a head coach. For Tuchel, that is not what he appears to want. And his dismissal of the links could bring an end to any rumours regarding a move to United.

What did Thomas Tuchel say about joining Manchester United?

When quizzed by the press on his chances of leaving for Manchester, Tuchel shot back by saying: “Do you feel me less committed to the club in my situation? Absolutely not, I love to be here and work for Chelsea. It has everything it needs to make me happy.”

He also went on to say that the club would be getting to their FA Cup tie with Middlesbrough one way or another, noting they would be traveling by plane: “Yeah, actually everybody worked hard to make it happen. It has gone through, so it’s organised we can travel by plane which is very, very good.

“Because as you know we have the last match and there’s only two days in between rest and it’s very important to minimise travel and maximise recovery to reduce the risk of injury. So everything’s organised as usual and we can prepare normally.”

For Chelsea fans, then, with so much uncertainty around this is a good thing to hear. Tuchel has been a game-changer for the Blues since his arrival, and his exit would likely have spelled a lot of trouble for the club. Ever since he arrived, he has been well-regarded by fans and by coaches alike. It looks like, then, he will not walk out on Chelsea regardless of who runs the club by the summer.

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